WARNING:  This firmware will NOT solve setup or telemetry problems !!!!!!!

If you have a setup problem, or your telemetry is not working, do NOT update to this firmware, it will NOT solve a setup problem.   If the system is not working properly, loading this firmware will only make it much harder to diagnose and find the problem.  Seek help in our SUPPORT FORUM for setup issues and non working telemetry.


The Dragon Link Next Generation Firmware is a huge leap forward in Dragon Link performance and capability.   The Next Generation Firmware is especially designed to avoid interference generated by the latest generation flight controllers as well as interference from cities and other sources.  We have spent many months totally rewriting the Dragon Link firmware from the ground up, using all the knowledge and experience that we have gained over the last 11 years.   

The Next Generation firmware has been test flown in demanding conditions and is a MAJOR IMPROVEMENT in RC and Telemetry range, as well as greatly increased resistance to interference.  Most of this firmware is automatic, so you will NOT need to change RF or other advanced settings as before, all you need to do is bind and fly.  Please IGNORE and DO NOT CHANGE the RF settings in the new GUI... Only change basic settings such as power levels, UEXP connector, WiFi functionality etc that you need to set up for your plane.

CLICK HERE to download 16 July 2021 Firmware

1.  Use the Firmware Updater Utility included in the download package to update both your Transmitter and receiver with the new firmware files.  NOTE:  The updater can take 60 seconds to find the Dragon Link hardware.   Connect Your Dragon Link, run the Update utility, and let it run until you see the " Device Found " message in the updater.
2.   If the firmware updater does not recognize your device and locks up, leave it open and open another instance of the updater and it will work.
3.  After update, you must use the NEW GUI that was included in the download package for configuring the transmitter and receiver.  The old GUI will not work with the new firmware.
4.  After update, you must click the FACTORY box, and then click both SAVE boxes for both the transmitter and receiver.
5.  RADIO MODEM TELEMETRY works be default in this firmware.  Leave all settings DEFAULT except for the CTS and RTS settings,  REVERSE these two settings in the UEXP box and then click the SAVE box.  Telemetry will work perfectly with no further changes needed if you follow this instructions.
1.   Press and hold MENU button on transmitter while powering on.   
2.   Release button when you reach menu option # 2, when the transmitter LED turns BLUE. The BLUE LED on the transmitter will continue to flash BLUE after you release the button and you will hear a slow beeping.
3.   Turn on the receiver.  Binding now takes a FULL 30 seconds, do not stop this process early or binding will fail.  You will hear your Dragon Link transmitter start to emit a fast beep while the binding is in process, after about 30 seconds the Dragon Link Transmitter will emit a LONG 3 second continuous beep. After the long beep, WAIT AND CONFIRM that all beeping has stopped and check and CONFIRM that there is a SOLID BLUE LED on the Dragon Link transmitter.  Do not stop this process early, or binding will not work.
4.   Repower both the transmitter and receiver.  The BLUE LED on the Transmitter and Receiver indicates a good RF link.
Only 2 transmitter menu options on power up are used with the new firmware.
MENU OPTION 1 = FLASHING GREEL LED =  Micro Power Range test Mode