915 MHZ System Differences:

The 915 MHZ system works just like the 433 MHZ system, we intentionally made the operation of the systems exactly the same so that customers can use both systems without having to learn or remember anything new.   ALL of the the 433MHZ system instructions work exactly the same for setup and operation of your 915 MHZ system.  The same firmware is used for both the 433 and 915 MZH systems.  The antennas used for the 915 MHZ system are different, and there are a couple things that can make your flying on 915 easier while improving your performance ! 


You MUST use the special, smaller 915 MHZ transmitter and receiver antennas that ship with the 915 MHZ system.  Your receiver antenna should look like and measure 15.5 Centimeters as you see in the picture to the left.   If you use the larger 433 MHZ receiver antenna that measures 30 Centimeters, or the large vertical 433 MHZ transmitter antenna, the system will perform HORRIBLY, with very bad range.

antennadragonlink900mhz moxonradiationpattern

915 MHZ Dragon Link Transmitter Antenna:  This antenna must be used vertical.  Aiming is not critical, but you should point this antenna in the general direction of the plane.  Do not put much attention into trying to aim the antenna at ranges closer than 5 Kilometres.

1.  Aiming antenna is NOT required for takeoff, landing, or flying at ranges less then 5 Kilometers.

2.  Aiming becomes more important when flying at ranges greater than 5 Kilometers, or when flying far and very low to the ground.  Aiming is always just pointing the antenna in the general direction of plane, precise aiming is not required. The antenna has a beam-width of about 90 degrees so pointing in the general direction of the plane works great even at ranges greater than 5 Kilometers.  See picture of antenna radiation pattern to the left.



The Dragon Link 915 MHZ system works with all video frequencies, with no special measures required on 5.8 GHZ.  Traditionally, there has always been problems when using 915 MHZ systems with 1.2 GHZ video, but we have solved this !!!    We have built extreme filtering into the Dragon Link transmitter and receiver, so there is no signal loss when using 1.2 GHZ video on your plane.  Of course proper separation of antennas is always required on FPV planes and copters.  Even though the Dragon Link 915 MHZ transmitter has extreme filtering built in, 1.2 GHZ video receivers have almost no built in filtering, so they will pick up even clean 915 MHZ signals as interference.  We have included a high performance 1.2 GHZ video filter with the Dragon Link system to solve this.  Simply screw the video filter ( pictured left ) onto your video receiver, and your 1.2 GHZ video system will work great with the Dragon Link 915 MHZ system.