You can display Telemetry Data, Moving Map, and flight information from your Dragon Link V3 Advanced on any  Android Phone, Tablet, or Windows computer.  There are TWO methods you can connect your Dragon Link transmitter to your display device.  The easiest and most popular way is to use the built in Bluetooth in the Dragon Link Transmitter.  You can also connect using any standard USB cable connected to the bottom of the Dragon Link Transmitter, and then setting the Dragon Link Transmitter into USB TELEMETRY MODE.  We are constantly adding telemetry features, options, and performance.  We have made MAJOR IMPROVEMENTS to our telemetry in our latest firmware, so it is MANDATORY that you update your Transmitter and all receivers to the latest firmware.

Having full telemetry operation will allow you to fly FPV, and navigate like never before.  It will also allow you to fly your plane or copter home in case of LOST VIDEO.   You can also find a lost plane by recording your flights on your device, and simply go and pick up the plane at its last reported location.   It is well worth the effort and time to set up full telemetry, as it will not only give you awesome capability, it is a huge safety advantage that can save you from a crash or lost plane.

There are several options for getting telemetry depending on the level of capability you want.  You can get telemetry from GPS, Dragon Link OSD, Pixhawk, or Eagle Tree Vector.  See detailed instructions for each method in the V3 support section on this website.



Each telemetry type had different advantages and disadvantages.  We will give you a basic explanation of your options here.   For more detailed information and full instructions on how to set up each telemetry type, click on each telemetry type you want.

1.   GPS TELEMETRY:    If you do not use a flight controller, simply connect a GPS to your Dragon Link receiver, and you can have moving map, speed, direction and other GPS information displayed on your device.

2.    TARANIS TELEMETRY:   Connect one wire from the UEXP port of your Dragon Link Transmitter to your Taranis RC transmitter, and you can display RSSI, voltage, and other information directly on your Taranis Screen.

3.    RADIO MODEM / MAVLINK TELEMETRY:  Connect your Pixhawk or other Mavlink telemetry flight controller directly to your Dragon Link Receiver, and you can have moving map, full flight panel, and many other Mavlink parameters displayed on your device.

4.    VECTOR TELEMETRY:   Connect your Eagle Tree Vector directly to the Dragon Link receiver, and you can have moving map, full flight panel, and other vector telemetry displayed on your device.

5.    RF MODEM:    You can transmit any telemetry data using the RF modem option.  Connect your TXD and RXD directly to your Dragon Link receiver, and the data will be output at the transmitter side just as any RF modem does.  Dragon Link had longer range and eliminates the need for installing separate RF modems.


Pair Bluetooth to your Android Tablet, Phone, or Laptop.  ( Apple NOT supported ). 

Turn your Dragon Link advanced Transmitter and wait about 10 seconds.   Go to the Bluetooth setup in your Android Device, and choose SCAN FOR NEW SYSTEMS.  The Dragon Link will show up as BT121 OR as DragonLink on your Bluetooth device list.
Select BT121 or DragonLink from the list, and choose PAIR.     The device will now pair, and automatically pair whenever it sees the Dragon Link transmitter, so this only needs to be done once.   The Bluetooth device has a range of about 60 Feet ( 20 Meters ), so your Phone or Tablet must be close to your Dragon Link Transmitter to receive its data.
Do not confuse Bluetooth distance with telemetry distance...  The Telemetry range is many miles, Your plane or copter can be many miles away and still display telemetry via Bluetooth on your device.

USB Cable Connection.

You can also connect the Dragon Link Transmitter to your display device using a standard Micro USB cable as you would have for your camera or phone.  You must activate the USB port on the Dragon Link Transmitter for telemetry operation before it will work.  To activate USB cable telemetry operation, open the Dragon Link Transmitter configuration software and:

1.  Click on the " RADIO MODEM AND TELEMETRY " tab on the top.   The radio Telemetry and Modem setup page will be displayed, near the bottom of the lust  " USB ALTERNATIVE " dropdown menu and choose " DRAGON LINK MAVLINK " or " RADIO MODEM ".   Choose SAVE SETTINGS, and repower the Transmitter for these changes to take effect.

IMPORTANT:    When the USB port on the Dragon Link transmitter is in telemetry mode, it will no longer connect to or work with the Transmitter Configuration Software.  You must EXIT USB telemetry mode before you can use the configuration software again.  To exit telemetry mode and put the USB port back into configuration / normal mode:

1.   Hold bind button down and power on transmitter.

2.   Transmitter will cycle through different options, on option # 5  ( 5 BEEPS, and PURPLE LED ), release the button.  The Dragon Link's USB port is now in normal mode.