You can display many of the telemetry features of the Dragon Link V3 Advanced system to the display of the Taranis RC transmitter.   You can also display telemetry, moving map, and flight information on your Android Phone or Tablet at the SAME TIME.  There are many different Taranis displays, and different options to choose from.  The Taranis forums have a lot of good, detailed information on Taranis display options and where you can download special Taranis Firmware builds for different displays and capabilities.

This section will tell you how to connect your Dragon Link transmitter telemetry to your Taranis RC transmitter.  What you display and how you set up the Taranis is a whole other area, and it is constantly improving and changing.  You may need updated, or special Taranis firmware for certain display features, you will need to look in the Taranis forum for taranis specific issues.


You will need an Expansion Port Pigtail to connect the expansion port to the Dragon Link transmitter.  You can get this for a minimal cost at our web store www.fpvpro.com under Dragon Link Accessories.  Shipping is always free.   

1.   Leave ALL the wires on the UEXP connector, they are STRONGER TOGETHER, so they do not flex and break as a single wire would.  Route them along the connector cable as shown to form one nice, strong cable.

2.   You will only use the BLUE wire of the UEXP connector cable, the rest must be insulated so that they do not short to anything or each other.

3.   Connect the expansion port cable BLUE WIRE to the empty pin # 5 of the RF module connector as shown in the picture to the left.

4.   See more examples in the pictures below.





1.   Connect the Dragon Link Transmitter to the GUI control software, and go to SETTINGS and then PRESETS as shown on left.

2.   Choose " STANDARD WITH TELEMETRY " as shown, then push the SAVE BUTTON, and restart the transmitter.

3.    Rebind the system for the change to take effect.



STEP 3:    Configure your Taranis RC transmitter.




To configure the Taranis to accept telemetry, it must be con gured to accept FrSky

S.PORT telemetry data and the internal RF-module turned off
. First, the internal RF-

module is turned o
. This is done by entering the "model setup" menu and setting the

internal RF-module to off
, as shown in figure 6.11.



To enable FrSky S.PORT telemetry data, go to the telemetry menu and set telemetry

type to "FrSky S.PORT", as shown in figure 6.12.


With the correct telemetry type selected, select "discover new sensors" in the same

menu. If the Telemetry is correctly setup, you should see the sensor-data, as shwon in

gure 6.13. Note that the "ratio" for A1 must be set to approx. 30, the ratio for RxBt to

approx. 10 and the unit for RSSI should be %




Setting Dragonlink up on the Taranis is really simple.
I recommend connecting via the module port using the "JR Style" cable. 
Then, on the "Setup" page in the radio or in OpenTX companion, you just disable the internal RF for that model and enable PPM for the module bay with the appropriate timings.  I've attached two images showing that setup for 12 channels.
Using that connection method, the Dragonlink TX is only powered on for models which actually use it.