Display Telemetry on Your RC Transmitter:  S Port

You can display full telemetry on your RC transmitters built in display using S Port.   You can also have telemetry displayed on your phone, tablet, or computer at the SAME TIME.  There are a lot of steps to setting up this feature, but this feature is becoming more widely used and more popular every day.

Use the instructions and pictures below to physically connect the Dragon Link transmitter to your RC transmitter display.   The software setup and configuration are quite involved and can be found in the two links below.  Use whichever one you like best, and you can get help in the support forum if needed:





You will need to get radio modem telemetry set up and working with your system BEFORE starting this section.  CLICK HERE to be taken to the radio modem setup instructions.  After radio modem setup and telemetry is CONFIRMED to be working properly on a computer or tablet, proceed to the setup below.


You will need an Expansion Port Pigtail to connect the expansion port to the Dragon Link transmitter.  You can get this for a minimal cost at our web store www.fpvpro.com under Dragon Link Accessories.  Shipping is always free.   

1.   Leave ALL the wires on the UEXP connector, they are STRONGER TOGETHER, so they do not flex and break as a single wire would.  Route them along the connector cable as shown to form one nice, strong cable.

2.   You will only use the BLUE wire of the UEXP connector cable, the rest must be insulated so that they do not short to anything or each other.

3.   Connect the expansion port cable BLUE WIRE to the empty pin # 5 of the RF module connector as shown in the picture to the left.

4.   See more examples in the pictures below.




STEP 2:  Installing special software in Dragon Link and your RC transmitter.


There are a lot of steps to set up both the Dragon Link and RC transmitter, but they DO work !!!  A lot of people use and like this feature, it is worth the effort if you have an RC transmitter that runs on OPEN TX.

1.   For Dragon Link systems produced AFTER JULY 2019, click on the link below for instructions:


2.   For Dragon Link systems produced BEFORE JULY 2019, click on the link below for instructions: