You can connect any standard GPS to your Dragon Link Receiver and get long range GPS Position and other telemetry on a moving map on any Android Phone, Tablet, or Windows computer.  We suggest you use our Plug and Play High Performance GPS for easy installation and incredible GPS performance.   We have the system set up so that when you use our Plug and Play GPS, telemetry will just work by default, with no complicated setup and no hassles. 


IMPORTANT:   You need to do EACH STEP in order, and VERIFY that each step is working properly before proceeding to the next item.  This way if you have a problem you know exactly where the problem is so that you know what to work on before proceeding to the next step.   If  " telemetry does not work ", that could be caused by any of the steps not being correct...   It is almost impossible to fix a problem if you do not know which step is not working.   

This section assumes that you have the Dragon Link system installed, bound, and set up properly.  You MUST have BLUE LED's on both the Transmitter and Receiver to indicate a valid link.  If you do not have this, go to basic setup and fix the problem before attempting to activate telemetry.  

STEP 1:   Connect GPS To receiver


We suggest that you use our Plug and Play high performance GPS for your system.  Our GPS is the latest, highest accuracy, highest performing on the market, and will connect to your receiver and just work.   If you want to use your own GPS, you can connect any GPS to our receiver using the UEXP port, or servo pins as shown on the left.   By default GPS data is input through the UEXP port, and no changes are needed when using our Plug and Play GPS.  You might have to change the TX / RX assignments of the UEXP port around in the GUI when using another GPS, just try each one and see which works.


Connect your Dragon Link RECEIVER to your computer with its USB port, and open the Dragon Link Receiver configuration program.   

1.   Use the DEFAULT settings that the receiver has.  You can change channel configuration, and outputs as needed but leave RF and advanced settings as they are by default.  If you have accidentally changed the advanced settings, you easily set everything back to default.   Click EDIT at the top, and choose " RESTORE FACTORY SETTINGS ", then push the " SAVE SETTINGS " button.

2.   Go to STATUS tab on the side of the screen, and click GPS settings to enter the GPS setup page.

3.   If using our plug and play GPS, leave settings as they are by default.  If you use a different GPS, set the correct baud rate and click SAVE GPS BAUD.  If you do not know the baud rate of your GPS, just try all the baud rates until one works !  Remember you must SAVE GPS BAUD button before the change will work.  Typical baud rate is 38,400 for most modern GPS units.

4.   Click the " LIVE DATA ON " button as shown on the left.  Assure that your GPS has a view of the sky and is receiving satellites.  You will see the GPS coordinates and number of satellites appear when it is working.  If you do NOT see the GPS coordinates and number of satellites listed, you receiver is NOT getting GPS data and you must fix this before Proceeding to the next step.

STEP 3:   Transmitter setup.

1.  Power on your Dragon Link TRANSMITTER normally, and power on your Dragon Link Receiver.  You MUST you have a valid telemetry connection as indicated by the BLUE LED on the Dragon Link Transmitter to proceed to the next steps.

2.  Connect your Dragon Link Transmitter to your computer using the USB port and open the Dragon Link Transmitter configuration program.

3.  Use the DEFAULT settings that the transmitter has.  You can change the channel and other settings as needed, but leave the RF and advanced settings as they are by default.  If you have accidentally changed the advanced settings, you easily set everything back to default.   If needed, Use the " RESTORE FACTORY SETTINGS ", then push the " SAVE SETTINGS " button.

4.  CONFIRM that telemetry is being received by the Dragon Link Transmitter by looking in the " Telemetry Info " section.  You should see LAT and LONG, and other telemetry readouts as in the picture to the left.   If you do NOT get this information, something is wrong and you must correct the problem before proceeding to the next step.

STEP 4:  Connecting to your Android Phone, Tablet, Or Windows Computer:


1.   Turn your Dragon Link advanced Transmitter and wait about 10 seconds.   Go to the Bluetooth setup in your Android Device, and SCAN FOR NEW SYSTEMS.  The Dragon Link will appear in the Bluetooth device list as " BT121 or Dragon Link.

Select the Dragon Link or BT121 from the list, and choose PAIR. The device will now pair, and automatically pair whenever it sees the Dragon Link transmitter, so this only needs to be done once.   Bluetooth has a range of about 60 feet ( 20 Meters ), so your Phone or Tablet must be close to your Dragon Link Transmitter to receive its data. ( Do not confuse with plane distance, the plane or copter can be many miles away ! ).

OR CONNECT VIA STANDARD USB CABLE:   (If using Bluetooth connection, skip this step )


You can also connect your Dragon Link transmitter to your device or laptop using any standard USB cable.   

1.   Connect your Dragon Link Transmitter to the Dragon Link Transmitter Configuration program, and click on the " External Connections " tab on the left of the screen.  You will see a screen like in the picture on the left.   Click the " USB Function" drop down menu, and choose " Dragon Link / Mavlink " The drop down menu will turn RED, that is OK, click the " SAVE " button to save what you just did.   The Dragon Link Transmitter will now output telemetry directly though the USB port.   

2.  Connect any standard USB cable to your Dragon Link USB port, and connect the other end to your tablet or computer.  Configure your Tower software to get data from the USB port on your computer.

3.   IMPORTANT !!!!  WARNING !!!!   Once you set the USB port on your Dragon Link to telemetry mode, it will NOT connect to your Dragon Link Transmitter configuration program, or firmware program, or even be recognized by your computer as normal.  You must EXIT USB telemetry mode to use the Configuration Program again.

4.  To EXIT USB Telemetry Mode:   Push the " BIND " button down, and power on the Transmitter on, hold the button down until you get to the 5th menu option, which is a PURPLE LED on the transmitter and release the button.  This will set the USB port to normal mode to connect to your Dragon Link Transmitter Configuration program.



1.   For an android phone or tablet, download and install the " TOWER DRONE APP " from Google Play and install.  For Windows computers download and install " MISSION PLANNER " software.

2.   Open the TOWER app, and choose the connection options.  You will see a list come up, choose the correct Bluetooth, or USB option depending on what connection method you have chosen.

3.   With the complete Dragon Link system turned on, you should see the positions and other information on the map.   There is NO REQUIREMENT to be connected to any kind of wireless network for this to work once you have the map area stored in cache.

4.    IMPORTANT !!!!!    We do NOT write the TOWER or MISSION PLANNER software.  This software is very popular, and does work very well with minimum configuration, there are also many advanced features and options that can require a lot of effort to set up and learn.  We obviously can not support products or software written by another company.   For basic and advanced usage instructions of this software, you must go to the website of the people that write the software.  There are also many forums and YouTube videos that support this software.