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SUPPORT:   Dragon Link V2 Receiver




1.   The last firmware update for this receiver was MAY 2015.  If your receiver has this version on it and works properly, do NOT attempt to update them further.  You can only introduce errors by updating a properly working receiver. 


2.   The firmware on your receiver MUST match the firmware version used on your V2 transmitter.   If it does not, it will either not bind, or have a flashing BLUE LED.


V2 RECEIVER FIRMWARE:  CLICK HERE to download the V2 May 2015 firmware for your receiver.  This is the latest 1.3 GHZ compatible version.




NOTE:  We highly recommend that any V2 equipment that was shipped BEFORE May 2014 be firmware upgraded to the NEXT GENERATION FIRMWARE.  If your Dragon Link transmitter was shipped BEFORE MAY 2014, you must also update its firmware before it will work with an updated receiver.   Transmitter and receiver firmware version must BOTH match, and both be on the next generation firmware for them to communicate.

1.  BIND RECEIVER:   Put Dragon Link Transmitter in binding mode ( Flashing Yellow LED ) on the transmitter first, then power on the Receiver ( 5 - 8 Volts Only ).  You should see a SOLID RED LED and a SOLID GREEN LED on the receiver.  This indicates a successful bind, now repower the receiver.

2.  NO MORE CALIBRATION IS REQUIRED FOR THIS RECEIVER once it has the next generation firmware.  Do not attempt to calibrate.

3.  CHECK OPERATION:   Power on the Dragon Link Transmitter normally ( SOLID GREEN LED on Transmitter ).  Then power on the receiver, you should see a SOLID RED and SOLID BLUE LED.   The SOLID BLUE LED indicates a perfect RC link.  A constantly FLASHING BLUE LED is a problem and must be corrected before flight.  An occasional short flash of the BLUE LED is normal.  More BLUE LED flashing is expected during range testing and weak signal conditions.

4.  MOUNT RECEIVER ANTENNA ON PLANE OR COPTER:    For antenna mounting instructions and tips, see the Dragon Link Receiver Antenna support page.


If your Dragon Link system shipped before May 2014, you need to update its firmware now.  The Next Generation firmware is a VERY LARGE advance in all areas of performance, Safety, Rock Solid Control, Better Stability, longer range, and most important of all, it is a huge advance in Resistance to Interference.  I can not stress strongly enough how important it is to upgrade your Dragon Link system to the Next Generation Firmware ASAP.   This is not just an improvement, we have taken everything we have learned over the last five years and made an entire new operating system for your Dragon Link.  Updating to the Next Generation Firmware will be like getting a new system, the improvement is that dramatic.  The Next Generation Firmware solves so many problems, that doing this will be very first thing we recommend when troubleshooting problems with Dragon Link from now on.    The new Next Generation firmware can be flashed at home to any Version 2 system at home with the USB update device available from www.FPVPro.com    If it is not broke don’t fix it: I generally agree with this statement, but this is not like a fix, this is like getting the next generation of technology, safety, and control… In this case, even if you are not having any problems with your system, it is still very much worth doing.  You can download the latest Next Generation Firmware from here:    https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/3947315/DragonLinkBeta/DragonLinkNextGenBeta.zip   For instructions on how to update the system, see this video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=45bD7qvpmL4